Innovation in hatchery automation with Ecat-iD

In poultry farming, automation plays an important role in boosting efficiency and productivity. Ecat-iD stands out as an undisputed leader in this field, offering innovative solutions that boost the hatching process. The French company, based in Brittany, is a key partner for hatcheries around the world. Here is some information about technological innovation in hatcheries.

Automation in the poultry industry: an upward trajectory

Hatchery automation has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, marked by the increasing adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Recent progress is largely attributable to technological innovation, which has made it possible to develop solutions that are more precise, efficient and respectful of animal welfare. In short, Ecat-iD redefines hatchery efficiency with cutting-edge automation innovations.

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Ecat-iD: innovation for excellence

Ecat-iD is at the forefront of innovation, offering a range of cutting-edge equipment for hatcheries. Among its major achievements is the in ovo injection system, a revolutionary technology for administering vaccines and nutrients to embryos before they hatch. This system guarantees precise and uniform application to help improve the health and vitality of the chicks.

The major benefits of automation for hatcheries

Adopting Ecat-iD automation solutions brings a host of benefits to hatcheries.

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Absolute precision and reliability

One of the main advantages of the hatchery automation implemented by Ecat-iD is the drastic improvement in the accuracy and reliability of the hatching process. The advanced technologies developed by the company make it possible to eliminate the human errors that used to occur during manual handling.

Thanks to highly accurate and reliable equipment, every stage of the process, from incubation to hatching, is now controlled with extreme meticulousness. Critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, ventilation and egg rotation are regulated with great accuracy. This ensures optimum conditions for chick development.

Automation also enables continuous, real-time monitoring of these various factors, with immediate adjustments made if necessary. The result is remarkable reliability, minimising the risk of losses or problems linked to faulty environmental conditions.

What's more, the handling of eggs and chicks is carried out with the utmost delicacy and precision by robots and automated handling systems. This prevents any potential damage. This rigour in processes has a direct impact on hatching rates, which are reaching record levels thanks to Ecat-iD solutions.

Lower operating costs

The hatchery automation implemented by Ecat-iD also translates into substantial savings for players in the poultry industry. By optimising processes, operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Firstly, the use of advanced technologies enables more efficient management of the resources needed to keep hatcheries running smoothly. The intelligent control systems developed by Ecat-iD optimise the consumption of energy, water and other inputs. As a result, waste is limited. This control of resources translates directly into savings on operating bills.

What's more, the automation of repetitive manual tasks, such as monitoring environmental parameters or handling eggs and chicks, drastically reduces labour requirements. Ecat-iD solutions make it possible to replace a large number of employees with robots and automated systems. This generates substantial savings on labour costs.

In addition, improving the reliability and precision of processes through automation has a direct impact on hatchery performance. Reducing losses and wastage translates into higher hatching rates and overall production. This optimisation of productivity generates additional income, more than offsetting the initial investment in Ecat-iD technologies.

Improved productivity

One of the main advantages of the automation solutions developed by Ecat-iD is the significant improvement in hatchery productivity. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, the various stages of the hatching process are handled more quickly and efficiently, boosting production capacity.

Ecat-iD's automated systems can handle a far greater volume of eggs than traditional manual methods. Handling robots and incubators with intelligent control can handle far greater quantities of eggs simultaneously, considerably reducing cycle times.

The precision and reliability offered by automation translates into significantly improved hatching rates. Thanks to optimal control of critical parameters, the percentage of viable chicks from each batch of eggs increases significantly. This translates directly into higher overall production for hatcheries.

Improved animal welfare

The improved performance and reliability of the hatching process, thanks to automation, leads to a reduction in the number of losses and non-viable chicks. This contributes directly to reducing animal suffering and promoting better overall welfare in hatcheries.

In short, Ecat-iD's automation solutions place animal welfare at the heart of their design. By minimising stress and handling, these advanced technologies enable hatcheries to offer optimal development conditions for eggs and chicks, while respecting their health and well-being.

Superior product quality

The adoption of automation solutions developed by Ecat-iD in hatcheries has a direct impact on the quality of poultry products. In fact, the advanced technologies put in place make it possible to obtain healthier and more vigorous chicks, thus meeting consumer demands.

Ecat-iD's automation technologies produce healthier, more vigorous and more uniform chicks, guaranteeing superior quality poultry products. This improvement benefits the entire value chain, from hatcheries to final consumers.

Case studies: Ecat-iD proves its worth

Many hatcheries around the world have already adopted Ecat-iD solutions and can testify to their undeniable advantages.

A company based in France

"Since integrating the Ecat-iD systems, we have seen a significant reduction in our egg losses and a noticeable increase in the health of our chicks."

A company based in Switzerland

"Automation with Ecat-iD has enabled us to increase our production capacity by 20% while reducing our labour costs."


Innovation and automation are essential pillars for a sustainable, high-performance poultry industry. Ecat-iD, through its cutting-edge technological solutions, is positioning itself as a key player in the transformation of the hatchery landscape. The company continues to invest in research and development, promising even more sophisticated innovations for the future.

Explore Ecat-iD's automation solutions and discover how they can propel your hatchery to new heights of performance, efficiency and animal welfare. Visit the Ecat-iD website or contact a local representative to find out more.